7 Reasons to choose Skinners Sheds


Over 40 years’ experience

In choosing to buy a timber building from Skinners Sheds, you will have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a company that has over 40 years’ experience. In that time, we have been able to find the best timber suppliers and wholesalers who, together with over 160 fully qualified staff, have helped us gain a reputation for craftsmanship and fine quality that is second to none.


Reputation, knowledge & expertise

Over the years, Skinners Sheds have grown their reputation through hard work and customer loyalty, becoming the largest timber building manufacture in the South. We pride ourselves on being able to give our customers the benefit of our knowledge and expertise to tailor-make their buildings with those extra touches of detail and care, which we believe our customers want and have come to expect when purchasing a building from us. Eco-friendly solar panels help to power our workshops, and it's heated using a bio mass boiler, powered by wood chippings and off-cuts to ensure no wastage. We’re also eliminating plastic wrapping on our packs of timber.


Value for money

Skinners Sheds buildings are the strongest and most durable on the market today - they last four times longer than other major competitors’ buildings. We have buildings that are over 40 years old on sites nationwide.


100% pressure-treated timber

All of the timber that Skinners Sheds use is PRESSURE-TREATED*, which means that it is impregnated with a wood preservative in a vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant. This protects your building from insect attack & decay. Together with our own high standards of craftsmanship, this means that you have a building which has a service life of many years against rot that will outlast any dipped treated building. Our buildings are solid, rigid, and heavy. We still have sheds that are over 40 years old in gardens nationwide. *Excludes log cabins


Certified sources of timber

Skinners Sheds are committed to only sourcing our timber from well-managed, legal and non-controversial sources, which must carry recognised and acceptable certifications. We respect mother nature. We are now refusing to purchase Russian timber due to the current situation in Ukraine, and will continue to do so until the situation improves.



Skinners Sheds are the proud owners of 53 acres of local ancient woodland. This has been purchased with the sole aim to protect flora and fauna, with many eco-systems and ponds we intend to protect. The woodland is in a self-contained area with hundreds of years of history - a green lung to offset our carbon footprint.


1-year guarantee

We don’t think you’ll have any problems. Just in case, though, your new building comes with a one year guarantee. Please contact us at customercare@skinners-sheds.com or complete the customer care form on our website.