Pressure Treatment

Pressure treated timber is wood which has been pressure impregnated – the most advanced, universal fixed wood preservative.

PRESSURE TREATED timber can be used in all building, fencing or garden applications and in the most extreme environments, even in contact with fresh or sea water. PRESSURE TREATED timber is the perfect material for the manufacture of our garden buildings.

PRESSURE TREATED timber is treated to perform to it’s eventual end use of our timber buildings. Once installed the timber needs no further treatment, against rot for the foreseeable future- although we recommend Protek Royal water repellent to help with the protection of your building if water penetration occurs.We have buildings in gardens that are more than 29 years old.

After treatment, the preservative chemicals become totally ‘fixed’ within the timber cells and cannot be washed out. The treated timber is totally safe to humans, animals and plants and is permanently protected against decay. If water penetration occurs a solvent base water-repellent can be added.