Base Laying Service

We provide three types of bases – Platform, Heavy Duty Timber, and Concrete. We can also supply Bearers for raising a building up in wet areas.


Pressure-treated timber bearers are highly recommended. These will improve the air flow under your building and will extend the life of your building if erected in damp or wet areas. Bearers do not rectify base problems.

Platform Bases

Pressure-treated platform bases are constructed from 100mm x 50mm timber with bracing in each corner. When installed these are staked out and levelled with timber and/or metal legs where necessary to level the base. These can be installed on uneven areas with no more than a 100mm (4 inch) fall, and will elevate your building. For sheds up to 5 x 7ft (no larger) we can install on compacted earth using metal legs. For sheds larger than 5 x 7ft we require paving slabs positioned by the customer under the base as timber legs are used. Additional paving slabs should be laid by the customer for all sizes if the ground is soft. The bases are also suitable for workshops and summerhouses providing the base sits on concrete, patios, or solid tarmac. Once installed, this base guarantees your building installation.

Heavy Duty Timber Bases

These are ideal for uneven ground (no more than 30cm out of level) and constructed from pressure treated 150mm x 50mm timber. When installed, recycled plastic legs are concreted in the ground and are used across the whole base to support where necessary. The ground must be solid, and not have more than a 12-inch fall across the whole area. It is the customers responsibility to level the ground, if required. Once installed, this base guarantees your building installation. We do not supply or fit steps or skirting around the bases. We do not remove all spoils.

Concrete Bases

Concrete bases are laid on a damp proof membrane with a minimum thickness of 100mm and fibreglass fibres for extra re-enforcement. Concrete bases will last a lifetime and are recommended for ALL buildings. The prices shown are an estimate, and are subject to a perfect level ground with good access to the site. Additional costs will be incurred if extra materials or labour is required. The area for all bases must be clear, free from obstructions with no drains, pipes, or electrics obstructing the site. We do not offer groundworks and digging out, this is the customers responsibility but we are happy to offer a free site survey on request. Once installed, this base guarantees your building installation.

Concrete base installation

Base prices

Here are prices for some of the most common base sizes.



Platform BasesHeavy BasesConcrete Bases




























Larger sizes, prices on request

Bad base examples