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Pine Match Board CladdingWe can transform your building into another room. Bedroom, office, this has endless possibilities. Sectional buildings which have a 75mm x 50mm heavy framework and lined with TF200 Vapour Barrier can be insulated with rockwool and cladded with pine match board giving a wall thickness of 110mm.

Cost is £13 per sq foot

Larger buildings will be manufactured with 100 x 50mm framework which gives a wall thickness of 135mm. This keeps your building cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter!!

All this is done by our fully qualified Skinners cladding team.

With 100% pressure treated timber and fantastic build quality, we pride ourselves on these buildings being eco friendly, lasting five times as long as other major competitors. We have buildings on sites that are 30 years old!! What value for money!!

All Cladded buildings must be water proofed, Dry and gutters fitted before cladding can be installed.