Aftercare – Pressure Treated Buildings

If you have moisture within your building, this is perfectly normal if the building is not weather proofed and sealed/aired correctly. Your building is manufactured from pressure treated timber, which consists of a large amount of treatment/moisture. Your building needs to be aired to allow moisture to escape; not airing correctly can cause condensation.

We recommend you seal your building with Protek Royal Exterior. This is a build-up formula with an added UV protection. Protek Royal Exterior will help prevent water penetration and seal your building. We recommend you apply three to four coats onto dry timber, ensuring you brush up and under the shiplap boards, into small splits, gaps, and nail holes. In open and exposed areas, more coats may be required. Also, to help prevent water penetration, joints, gaps, windows, doors should be sealed with a sealant or mastic, and gutters should be fitted across all sides to prevent water cascading from the roof and blowing/bouncing from the ground onto your building and water logging the timbers.

As per the terms and conditions, it is the customers responsibility to weather proof the building. We recommend you seal/re-seal your building as soon as possible, and ventilate by opening doors and windows where possible, to allow the moisture to escape. Please do not use a heater as this will cause timbers to crack and warp. Vents are also recommended and are available from your local show site. All the above should be done annually.

Corner Pent Shed painted in Protek Royal Exterior
Protected with Protek Royal Exterior. All corners, glass, and doors sealed with mastic and silicon. Gutters fitted on all four sides.

Expansion joints

This image shows an expansion joint which allows the timber to expand in damp, wet conditions.​

This image shows an expansion joint which allow the timber to expand in damp, wet conditions. The face edge shows a generous rebated overlap externally for weather protection.

Hinge screws

Screws are inserted at a slight angle. The reason is the heavy timber behind is shorter to allow for the door stop. This allows for a better fixing and minimises cracks in the timber when inserting.

Adjustable Doors

If the door to your building looks like this, please refer to the below photos for hinge adjustment.

Doors are fully adjustable – A screwdriver bit will be provided if requested for the customer to adjust.

Door 'kick-out'

Doors may kick out if the turn buttons are not used. Three Turn buttons are placed on the outside of the doors and Three on the inside to keep the timber from doing this.

If they have kicked out, push the door in and turn the button (this may need a little force to start with but will train the timber back to original position). This can take a little time.


Gutters and downpipes are strongly recommended on all buildings. They help to stop drips of water being blown on to the building and also stop splash backs onto the bottom of your building.


Knotts in timber are essential – They are where branches form and perfectly normal. Timber is a natural product, and to minimise waste and protect the environment we use as much of the timber as possible.

Trapped moisture and condensation

This is caused by trapped moisture within the building which has raised to the roof. In these cases, the building should be well ventilated by keeping door/s and window/s open where possible to allow the moisture to escape. We recommend you fit Vents, weatherproof your building with Protek royal exterior, and fit gutters to help prevent trapped moisture.

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