Aftercare – Log Cabins

Thank you for choosing a Skinners Sheds Log Cabin. We have put together this guide to show you what to expect from your Log Cabin.

Your Log Cabin is produced from Spruce timber which is a natural product that has been sustainably sourced. With all natural products, a certain amount of blemishes, splits, knot’s, twists, sap pockets etc, will be present. These are all perfectly normal, and our common occurrences below will show some of these.

A flat level base is essential for a Log Cabin as the timbers will mould themselves to the base – If the base is not flat and level then the cabin doors/windows will not operate properly, the roof will not fit etc. 

All Log Cabins MUST be treated with preservative, inside and out, and sealed to prevent water penetration as soon as possible. We recommend you fit gutters, vents, apply Protek timber treatment, and then three coats of Protek Royal Exterior inside and out. For added protection we recommend a top coat of Royal Clear is applied.

Your Log Cabin will move – It will shrink and expand slightly. This is perfectly normal and happens due to changes in weather and humidity levels. When this happens just loosen off and remove and holding screws with washers (to allow the building to shrink/expand/settle). The gap which can occur through the screw holding the log in place might take a week or so to close again after the screw is removed (see below). Repaint the white logs.

Following the above steps will provide you with a long lasting, enjoyable building for many years.

Adjustable hinges

You’ll find adjustable hinges on your Log Cabin doors. A 4mm allen key should be used to adjust the doors if they have dropped or swollen.


This is an example of inadequate painting – Paint should be worked into the grooves and seams, and have enough coats.


log cabin guttering

Gutters and downpipes are strongly recommended on all buildings. They help to stop drips of water being blown on to the building and also stop splash backs onto the bottom of your building.

Logs opening

This is an example of the logs opening due to drying out and a lack of paint. This will settle back into place.

Movement in untreated log cabins

Opening logs

Gaps above windows and doors appear in Autumn and Winter.

This is NORMAL.

This is an indication that the building has not been waterproofed and sealed sufficiently. Extra Protek Royal Exterior needs to be applied for added protection.

Each individual log will soak up water/moisture and will swell which will raise the height of the roof, this will cause gaps above the windows and doors.

Gutters should be fitted and cleaned out regularly.

Vents and Air con / Heat pump are highly recommended.

Opening logs

Timber splits

Some timbers will have small splits in them. This is perfectly OK and are NOT structural defects – This will not affect your building. The timber should be filled.


These are examples of the screws and washers that should be removed to allow a building to shrink or expand. As seen in the picture below, the log is being held and a gap is starting to form – this is the time to remove the screw to allow the building to settle. Once settled, replace the screw.

Natural occurrences

These images all show natural occurrences in timber and are completely normal. You may need to prepare the timber – Simply sand and fill before painting.

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